A UU View of Taoism

We will look at the three jewels of Taoism: humility, moderation and compassion. We’ll explore the concept of wui-wei, effortless moving and the idea that the past and future are just stories we tell ourselves, and the present moment is all we have. Rev. Dr. Daniel O’Connell, preaching.

No Textbook Required

No Textbook Required. More than one theologian has noted that Unitarian Universalists don’t have sacred texts. Instead, each of us studies our own direct experience of transcendence and lets that shape our theology. Uh…okay. But how do we communicate those experiences to each other? And what is transcendence anyway? When we gather on Sunday, let’s…

Compassion – Doing the Work of Love

For some of us, compassion has always come easy and it is a strength we use in moderation. Others of us suffer from “compassion fatigue” and find ourselves becoming more uncaring than we’d like. And how do we muster compassion for people who really, really don’t “deserve” it? Rev. Dr. Daniel O’Connell, preaching.